IVF #2 (chapter 2)

I have to admit it's been a tough year, full of many highs and lows, and we are looking forward to 2010 being over. Jeff and I enjoyed the holidays with our loved ones immensely this year, and were reminded how much family means to us, and how much we are so excited and ready to start our own, no matter what it takes. With that realization came the decision that we were ready to start IVF cycle #2.

I admit I never thought I would be one of those people who would do multiple IVF cycles, but after getting a taste of what being pregnant was like, I decided that I was ready to start again. I really want to experience being pregnant and carrying a baby to full term, just the little bit that I had was like nothing I have ever experienced before in my life. We had a consult with Dr. Corfman who dropped the bomb on us that our best (and more then likely only) chance of having a successful IVF cycle would be to use donor eggs. I was pretty devastated and had to do some serious grieving about the fact that I would never have a child with my own genetics. It's not something you really think about until someone tells you that you will never have a child with your smile or eyes, and that I will never know what my child's genetic mommy was like, or even looked like. We fought hard to see a picture of the donor that we had chosen, arguing that a childhood picture wouldn't really affect the anonymity of the donor (especially since she lives in Fargo) but unfortunately we lost that battle and had to go forward without any pictures.

So here we are in full swing of IVF #2!
To date I have been taking Norethindrone since Christmas Day, and again am learning to live with the nausea that goes along with it all day. We also started Lupron shots yesterday.
Here's my plan:
I take Norethindrone 12/25-1/3
Lupron injections 1X day 12/28-the day of the donor's egg retrieval (scheduled for 24 shots so far could be more)
Estrace tablets 1Xday 1/8-1/11 2X day 1/9-1/12 3X day 1/10-12 weeks of pregnancy
Progesterone suppositories (No IM injections YAY!!) 4X day starting donor retr. day through 12 weeks pregnant.
I'll also be taking low dose aspirin in the evening every day through 12 weeks of pregnancy.
So that's the plan, and so far the Lupron injections just give me headaches and a little dizziness.

Hard to describe the anxiety that I have around the process this time, I'm so hopeful that this is going to work and we'll finally be able to have the family that we've dreamed about, but at the same time I'm scared to death that it won't work as this is our last shot. We ask for your continued support, and prayers as we continue into chapter 2 and 2011!

**Note ** Daily updates from here on out will be found on the IVF Journey tab. since there is no way to do postings on this page. *****