Wednesday, August 17, 2011

31 weeks OK, who is that puffy lady ?

How Far Along: 31 weeks (only 58 days to go ). Not much to report this week really.
Four Navel Oranges? Really? Hmmmm You would think they could come up with something better for this week.

Here’s what one website from a “man’s point of view” had to compare our baby boy’s size too… The front tire of the wheels on the original Big Wheels (only a man would come up with that).

Either way, I don’t know how it’s not a watermelon yet because that’s about how big I feel. OK so I am not blue.. but this is how I feel like I look when I am waddling around town. 
I feel like I have said goodbye to my feet.. which is kind of a good thing because they aren’t looking too pretty these days… just a couple of hours of sitting or standing in one position too long and they swell up and look like giant marshmallows that have been stuck in a microwave and are ready to explode.. and the really adorable thing is that the right side seems to swell more then the left so they aren’t even matching marshmallows. Ugh! Helloooo Doooown there…poor poor feet.
I find it pretty amusing now when people tell me that “You don’t look like you have gained 20 lbs.” They are trying to be sooo nice to the pregnant lady. But, I think of all the changes in my body…I miss my old face the most. So far I had been chugging along through this pregnancy not really thinking that I was getting that big elsewhere.. until I saw recent pictures from my family party that took place last weekend.. holy crap, did I get stung by a bee or did someone sneak some shellfish into my food.. I look like I’m having an allergic reaction….oh, nope, I guess I just have “pregnant face” now. Oh well, now I have just started making sure that I put some makeup on each day and put on something besides PJ’s so I can continue to feel like a human being.

So as I mentioned, last weekend was the annual family party… and for those of you who aren’t familiar with what that entails I have included a couple pics from this years party (and for those of you who are.. here’s your laugh for the day)… the theme this year was Polish, which means that everybody wears a shirt with a saying on it in Polish, usually some funny hat that represents the theme (this year the women had a headband with polish colored ribbons and flowers), the menu is polish, and there are some really crazy goofy relay type games that go along with the theme. This year was Polish volleyball (otherwise referred to as CHAOS), Polish croquet, and a relay game that involved people running up to a post that had an empty beer bottle in front of it, taking a sponge dipping it in a bucket of water and then holding the sponge above a certain line on the post and squeezing the water out of the sponge hopefully filling the bottle. ..yap it was as stupid looking as it sounds.

Pregnant face.. ugh

My parents and my brother and his family

The whole family ...yes we do this EVERY year....

Jeff and Hannah

Other than the party last weekend I don’t really have much to report this week. Which is good because I guess it means that I haven’t flooded the bathroom, left the dog somewhere, or forgotten how to get somewhere and gotten lost.. in other words I’ve managed my pregnancy brain this week ok. But….I will say that the “hormone fairy” has been visiting quite often though, and I feel like I am losing my mind some days from how crabby or emotional I am over nothing. I feel like I need to wear a warning these days… because the mellow calm Kim is now gone and in her place is now a bloated, swollen, hungry, brainless pregnant woman that can snap at a moment’s notice. I think it would only be safe if I walked around with a shirt that said one of these things… then people would be warned and it would be their own fault if they decided to open their mouths and say something stupid…

Recent examples : Pregnancy looks good on you .. you are positively glowing (ugh) No I am NOT glowing I am sweating like a pig even though I have TWO types of deodorant on and have multiple applications of each…

Wow, when are you due? You look like you could be ready any day now huh? NO I still technically have 58 days to go.. but thanks for pointing out that I look ready to explode.

OK, Enough about turning into Mrs. Crabby Pants..Here’s the basics on Duff!

Gender: Still a Sweet Little Boy ♥ We have an ultrasound this Friday to determine whether or not my placenta has moved enough to be able to try giving birth without a c-section. I am hopeful! Also just excited to see him again, and hopefully get some good pictures of the who-who-dilly too.

Belly Button: still in… maybe it won’t pop after all??

Stretch Marks: Still none.. still faithfully alternating my two belly butters and crossing my fingers that they continue to work.

What I am looking forward to: My baby shower this weekend!!

So even though I am having the typical third trimester woes, I do have to admit that I am going to miss feeling Duff dance in my belly, and the amazing feeling of waking up each morning to his rocking and rolling as a way to say “hey mom”. It is such an exciting time, that the physical problems pale in comparison with the overwhelming change that is about to happen at our house. I don’t feel like I am in the home stretch yet, but I can nearly see it. Even when every stranger that talks to me gets all excited and exclaims “ANY DAY NOW!!!!” Um. No. And I’m not quite ready to give up being pregnant and share Duff with the world. SO bring it on third trimester... I will handle anything you throw at me..

Finally here are some week 31 belly pics


  1. I love the blueberry pictures. I wish I could come to your shower :(

  2. first of all, I want to be a part of your family- how fun!! secondly, I so feel your pain. I was trying to take pictures for my update this week and I just wanted to cry- when did I start looking like the stay puff marshmallow man??? I think you look great though!!!

  3. Sooooo excited to see you at the shower! Your face is not a swollen mess by the way! You look beautiful :) and happy :)