Monday, July 25, 2011

28 weeks.. the third trimester is starting a little rough

How far along: 28 weeks!! 7 months.. and HELLO to third trimester :o)

Size of baby: The size of a head of Chinese cabbage! 2.25 lbs and almost 15 inches long - thats almost birth length!

OK so it’s been an emotional and rough week for me and I am feeling guilty because I know that I should be cheering that we have made it to 7 months AND the third trimester and our baby boy is still in there growing big and strong. But it’s been a furnace here and I am definitely feeling the pregnancy brain and emotions (I almost flooded my bathroom..more about that later). .. that being said buckle your seat belts for this posting, because it’s going to be a long bumpy ride…. (warning massive whining ahead)

I seem to be in panic mode right now because we are still trying to sell our house, which means a lot of showings at last minutes notice (phone call: “a realtor would like to show your house in one hour”eeeeek) that involves manic cleaning and shining of every surface in the house (which before pregnancy wouldn’t have been a problem, but now going up and down the stairs leaves me sucking air like a fish out of water and vacuuming feels like doing 1000 sit ups and there are three levels to our house!!!) and then there is the task of trying to throw the dog in the car (she HATES the car and cries the whole time she is in it like someone is torturing her) and then driving to a park and sitting there for an hour while she cries because we can’t get out and even go for a walk as it’s ungodly hot out (of course this is the summer that we break the record with a heat index of 108) which not only makes me ill QUICKLY but she can’t handle it either… so we sit there until we can return home. But so far have had no offers at all.. none… zilch.. nadda in 100 days. It’s so frustrating because the house gets great reveiews every time but still no offers….

so besides the obvious.... why is this a big problem?

Well, it means that I feel like I am in limbo when it comes to getting a nursery started or even buying things for the baby. It also freaks me out because we would like to move closer to my parents and my brother and his family for some support, since I realize that I will have no clue what the hell I’m doing when we do bring our baby boy home. As the days on the calendar get X’d off I can feel my anxiety building to record levels and fear a meltdown is eminent. Jeff and I had assumed that we would have the house sold already and would be renting for a couple of months while our NEW house was being built in time for our baby boy to come home… NOT GOING AS PLANNED!! Add to that my freaking out as the number on the scale rockets upward waaaaay faster than I had planned (even though I know I said I wasn’t going to pay attention.. the clinic won’t weigh me backwards so I KNOW the number).. I realize that it’s not that bad (only 19 lbs so far) but add that to the 16 that was a gift from the IVF fairies and it seems like my scale will let out a “wow, are you kidding me?” next time I step on it. *sigh*

All of this I could probably handle, BUT add to that, that I failed my glucose test by 1 friggin point last Friday and now have to endure the 4 blood draws in three hours (and NO going through IVF has not gotten me used to needles or blood draws… contrary to popular belief, and I can already feel a panic attack starting just thinking about, A) having to have 3 blood draws and a finger prick (needles + me typically lead to hyperventilating) and B) what if I end up failing those tests too… what if I have Gestational Diabetes!!?? I completely broke down Friday thinking of the possibility that glucose checks daily could be in my future.. that is after surviving the 3 hour testing day from hell…and that the next three months may get even rougher if I do have GD. I am trying to stay positive and hope that I don’t have it, but I worry that if I do I will end up going into labor early and/or having a 10 lb baby boy to push out. Oh yeah, and that is if I get to do a vaginal birth as my placenta is still low lying and the doc said that it could be a problem, but that we’ll “give it a shot that way FIRST” and if that doesn’t work then go to a c-section.. arrrrgggghhhhh really? What does that mean for labor .. and how long do they consider long enough for trying… *sigh*

OK, I wish I could say I feel better after venting… but I’m pretty much an emotional wreck right now and having pregnancy brain does not help.. in fact HERE’s what pregnancy brain can lead to (kind of a funny story to share now… wasn’t funny at the time and solidified the belief that pregnancy brain is NOT something to screw with…

So last week while I was at home I was skyping with Jeff who was at work, when I realized that I hadn’t felt Duff move in a long time (it was around 11 am and I hadn’t felt him since going to bed the night before) my brain just about exploded and this brought on a full panic attack and I skyped Jeff and told him I was going to go drink some water and lay on my side and see if I couldn’t get him to move. Upstairs I waddled and had some water and laid down…. He moved after about 10 minutes, and of course I then had to pee so to the bathroom I went… while in there I realized that I really needed to shave my legs(yes this is how disjointed and whacked my thinking is right now) and would need to figure out a way to do that since I no longer can manage it in the shower. Soooo I figured I could put my leg up on the sink and shave each leg that way, cool problem solved, yay me….so I proceeded to turn on the water to let it warm up. About this time it dawned on me that Jeff was still waiting on Skype to hear whether or not Duff was moving yet, and was probably getting a little worried (or a LOT worried), so downstairs I headed to assure Jeff that all was good with Duff and he was now doing summersaults etc. We started chatting about dinner plans and this and that when all of a sudden I notice a sound coming from outside the room somewhere… sounded like pouring water… I thought “crap, Ellie is peeing upstairs” I jumped up from the computer and ran (as much as my humpty dumpty butt could go) upstairs only to find Ellie sitting there minding her own business and no pee anywhere. Confused, I went into the bedroom and that’s when I heard the noise of the water running… I open the door and stepped into about an inch and a half of water that is now covering the entire floor. I swear I don’t remember putting the stopper up on the sink, but somehow it appears that I had done just that and now had a floating garbage can and a flooded bathroom… ugh!!! It took me about 15 large beach towels to soak up the floor and I had to dry out the shelves under the sink.. but luckily the water had not gotten to the bedroom carpet and nothing was ruined.. except for my emotional stability for the day… I was a wreck… not exactly what you want to be doing when you are trying to show your house and sell it..double ugh. So let’s just say that multi-tasking is no longer an option and if I try to do it and someone who is reading this is around me.. PLEASE stop me.. it’s not going to end well.

OK enough about that.. here’s the update on the basics:

Gender: Still a Sweet Little Boy ♥ We got to see him at the ultrasound though didn’t get any good pics because his feet were up by his head the whole time… flexible little guy!

Belly Button: still in, but I fear it’s getting shallow…

Symptoms: My boobs and my tummy look like a road map with the number of blue veins that are now criss crossing them, I have to stop myself from itching the skin right off my poor boobs each night…and they are leaking.. fun! Surprisingly no stretch marks..yet.

And if you have made it through that whole long bummer of a posting.. here are some belly pics for the week.

ok so my fellow bloggers are being brave enough to show their tummies.. so here goes :o)

Monday, July 18, 2011

week 27... my brain has gone missing

How far along: 27 weeks

Size of baby: The size of a head of cauliflower ! 2lbs. 6 oz. and he is a little over 15 inches long from head to toes

Has anyone seen my lungs…or my brain ?? Overall I will admit I am feeling pretty good, though it is getting a little more difficult to paint my toenails and bend over, and I definitely miss being able to breathe after climbing a flight of stairsoh and being all waddle-y is only going to be cute for so long... but my belly seems to be getting bigger by the day and I am loving that. I do want to have a conversation with mother nature about why she feels it is necessary to give me heartburn after EVERYTHING I eat or drink.. AND I it appears that damn nausea fairy has snuck back into my life as well… really?? It also appears that my milk has decided to come in a little early too (?) which nobody warned me about?!? This seems to be the culprit of another annoying problem that I am experiencing… wow I can’t believe how bad “the girls” itch.. wowsa.. The good thing though is I still have no stretch marks anywhere yet, so very happy about that. I am still faithfully basting up like a turkey twice a day .. though there is a lot more area to cover these days :o)

Ok I also have to admit I used to think that the whole “pregnancy brain” thing was made up and maybe something women did for attention (yes I admit it) BUT I am now fully aware of this condition… I don’t want to admit how many times I have been driving and realized lately that I either don’t know how to get somewhere (that I have driven to a million times before) or that I don’t know where exactly I am in relation to my exit.. meaning.. ummmm did I miss my exit ..oops. I also have to admit that I recently sat at a stop sign and didn’t go (until being honked at) because I was waiting for the light to turn green… I can’t remember names of things and often find myself standing in a room wondering why the heck I’m there. I’m a little worried about the state of my mind these days and wondering when/if it is planning to return anytime soon?!? I have heard stories like these from pregnant women and thought … yeah, sure, whatever, that’s not going to happen to me….. hmmmm

Sooooo other than losing my mind, and feeling like I breathe fire after everything I eat… Duff’s doing great! He’s very active and still seems to be more of a night owl and we also found out he doesn’t like the heat we’ve been experiencing here very much. Last weekend we decided that 97 degrees with a heat index of 112 and a dew point above 80 (read “down right swampy”) wasn’t enough to keep us from going to the Drum Corp International event at the TCF stadium… people were passing out all around us from heat exhaustion and when I first got there I thought for sure I was going to faint as well, but I made it through and “Duff” loved the loud drums and the music.. he even managed to pick the winner, he was dancing up a storm in there to them :o) Though the heat definitely made me feel sick and like I had ran a marathon.. so completely exhausting!

I continue to bleed off and on and am still “taking it easy” just like the doctor ordered, only leaving the house twice a week for classes and the occasional (but not enough) showing of our house to potential buyers. This lack of activity is going to make trying to get back into the swing of things with my yoga and running after Duff decides to come to meet us, that much more difficult as I already can feel the difference when I am climbing stairs or lifting laundry etc. Oh boy… not good. BUT it’s all worth it if it helps to insure that Duff doesn’t come too early and stays in there as long as possible so he can grow healthy and strong.

Oh and I have the dreaded Glucose testing this Friday (ewww) along with our 28 week ultrasound.. so excited to see him again :o) Guess I should lay off the root beer and ice cream for a couple of days huh?

Gender: Still a Sweet Little Boy ♥ Still not set on a name… and the list doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter... so he continues to go by the nickname "DUFF" for now.

Belly Pics WEEK 27!! I really popped in the last week !!

Monday, July 4, 2011

June, wherefore art thou?

Time for a Chubby Hubby viewpoint again after a few months of relief.  First things first...  For certain relatives of mine who have questioned the length of these entries, here are the Cliff Notes (aka Bruce notes, aka Herbie notes):   Hot 4th.  25 weeks.  Eggplant.  Duff.  Pig Tongue.  Wind Distress.  Stupid wisdom tooth hurts, dog attack ensues.  Two Innies.  (You're welcome).

It's a little warm out here on the deck and someone doesn't feel comfortable leaning forward to type (plus he's starting to kick back when she does!).  This has been the strangest summer ever so far, but even though the days have already started to get shorter, we are holding out hope for some beautiful house-selling weather. 

How far along:  25 weeks and 3 days.  Now that has to be over six months no matter how you do the math, right?  Depending on the source, we may or may not be in trimester #3!

Size of the baby:  Eggplant?  Rutabaga?  Since neither of us has a clue what a rutabaga looks like, smells like, or tastes like, we're going with the eggplant, king of the purple vegetables, and a darn tasty one at that.

Other baby updates:  Still a boy.  We are trying to narrow down the names, but the short list seems to be remaining about the same, just changing daily (or hourly).  We have given him a temporary name to make things easier.  Now without sharing too much, this has become a source of marital discord, as we started with Duff (after Mr Goldman, since he gets very active right after we eat any sweets), but I have also started using Izzy, since I'm always asking "is he" awake, or "is he" kicking, and also because Izzy's ice cream gets the same reaction.  Kim is not a fan, and insists that this does not work, especially during reruns of Ace of Cakes.  I, on the other hand, think she is lucky I haven't gone as far as trying to call him Axl or Slash.

To continue where we left off last week, the Hungry Monkey is definitely continuing to experience new and exciting foods (except rutebaga, hello!).  We visited an old favorite, Victory 44, and their new menu last week, and Kim got her fried chicken on (as recommended by Andrew Zimmern's tweet earlier that day).  We also had devils on horseback there (bacon-wrapped figs that were not invented by this restaurant, but should be sampled anywhere you can try them).   She had her first pregancy beer (see below - don't worry it's root beer, but really good).  Finally, just in case these seem too boring, we finished off with an order of tacos of lengua al pastor....that's right, tongue.  It was quite good, although we both experienced a bit of wind distress from the dish (I will forever call whatever little bit of gas is given to me by anything "wind distress" after reading on a Brit's baby blog whilst researching baby bottle brands....."whilst"....see, I did it again!).

Mmm, beer.  (Henry Weinhardt's Root Beer)

Chubby Hubby, as they say.

Buenos Dias, Lengua.  It didn't taste us back. 

Highlights:  With a few extra days off for the 4th, we managed to finish up the seemingly endless baby registry list.  We certainly don't expect to get anywhere near all of this stuff as gifts, etc, but it was good in that it forced some decisions on us that might have stretched into about the middle of our son's first year in high school.  We scouted out the St Paul Farmers' Market just for fun, bought some gourmet biscuits for the dog, who is already refusing her upcoming status downgrade, which brings me to the funniest moment of the week.  Kim has been having some issues with a wisdom tooth coming in (perfect -- never had them out as a teenager like the rest of us, cannot have x-rays, cannot take pain meds).  Anyway, we have been getting by with the help of Baby Orajel, some Tylenol, and a dentist appointment tomorrow morning, and it seems to be improving, but it was pretty ugly for a couple of days.  At one point on Thursday afternoon, the heat and the pain were really getting to her and she decided to lay down on the couch for a while.  Ellie, in one of her occasional bouts of sweetness, jumped up on the couch to take care of her.  She curled up next to her, and just as she rested her little head down on Kim's belly, BAM!, she got a kick right in the head from the little guy.  She didn't know how to react, but something tells me she'd better get used to it sooner rather than later.

Attack dog!

Cravings:  My ice cream cravings have subsided a little, so Unilever stock is down a few points (that's the company that owns Ben & Jerry's).  Kim's continue to be fresh fruit, grilled meats (especially brats, which reminds me, is something burning?), and her sweet tooth is starting to develop (root beer floats and cookie dough, anyone?).

Bellybutton:  It's still an innie after my surgery last month.  Wait, we are talking about hers?  Ok, also still an innie, but the bottom has been sighted for the first time in many years.  Maybe that turkey baster will pop after all, but we're still a ways from that.


More consignment shoppings.....can't argue with $7 for another comfy dress!

Hey, found another photographer besides "self"!