Monday, June 27, 2011

WEEK 24!!! Woo Hoo

How far along: 24 weeks (and three days) !! Hard to believe I am 6 MONTHS wow :o)

Size of baby: Baby is as long as an ear of corn!

24 weeks: Baby is the size of an ear of corn Your baby has caught up with an ear of corn in size and gained about 1/4 pound since last week. (Length: almost a foot.)

He's the length of a cob of corn...wowsa

Best moment of the week: Wow!! Again there are so many that it’s hard to keep track (especially since I am a week behind.. yep I do realize that, sorry everybody). We had our 24 week doctor’s appointment last Friday (6 months amazing!!) and Jeff and I got to hear our little boy’s heart beating strong (140ish). Of course he made it tough for the doctor and as soon as she found his heartbeat he kicked her and squirmed away.. she said” It looks like you have a mover and a shaker in there that’s for sure.” He He YES we do..speaking of… movement has at least doubled now and he let’s me know- if it’s been too long since we had any food, if he doesn’t like a position I’m in, also if he likes music that I’m playing he’ll let me know also every morning he says “good morning” and seems to already tell me “It’s too early for bed mom”. Jeff and I can’t get enough of the movement, it’s so incredible!! Also at the appointment last week I mentioned that nobody had told me my “fondant height” (I couldn’t remember the name of the measurement.. (that’s a frosting I know.. but it got the point across to her) so she measured my “Fundal Height” (which is the distance from the pubic bone to the top of the uterus and should be equal in centimeters to the # of weeks pregnant) and I measured 2 weeks behind, which she said wasn’t a big deal (I’m short and have a very short torso) but that she wanted me to gain 4cm in the next month. I thought that was funny that she told me that, like I have any control over how he’s growing in there, nonetheless I had a conversation with him and told him to get busy growing in there ha ha ! I’m sure he got the message.

Other highlights from the past two week:s include the fact that we finally received samples and have picked out our nursery furniture and bedding set that we are going to go with: Davinci Crib(Kalani set), and the Bananafish nursery bedding/d├ęcor in “Daniel”. We are going to accessorize with polar bear artwork/wall decals, night light etc. SO excited to get started decorating.. unfortunately we need to sell our house and build the new one first… hmmm

Daniel collection from Bananfish but we're going to have a rag rug in creme

Jeff read a book called the Hungry Monkey which was a true life story from a “food-loving” father who wanted to raise an adventurous eater (i.e. non-picky eater) and since Jeff and I are wanna-be-foodies and love to cook and to try different foods, and since we read that the more foods you taste/try before the baby is born the more likely you are to have a child that is more open to trying different tastes, we started our mission to try and incorporate different foods into our diet so that he would have a chance to taste them before he’s here. So… in the last two weeks we’ve been trying to find some interesting foods (some I have tried, others were also a first for me)… here’s a couple from the last two weekends:

Trotters (pigs feet) (hmm not my favorite.. but it made him really dance)
Collard greens(again wasn’t a big fan of these.. and got no reaction from him, but I’m going with he didn’t like them so I don’t need to eat them again he he)
Head cheese
Baby octopus



Jarrito’s Soda (all natural soda… made him boogie in there)

Let’s see, what else… I can’t even express how excited we were to be able to celebrate Father’s Day this year, I was finally able to give him a bib that I bought 4.5 years ago (that says I love daddy) when we first started trying when I thought that we would get pregnant right away … Jeff will also now be able to watch the CU games in his new shirt alongside his little boy in matching CU onesie and hat (oh yeah.. mommy has an old one too)!! Can’t wait!

Last weekend Jeff’s sister Julie was in town (unfortunately I had a dead camera battery so I didn’t get any pics.. hmmph) so we got to spend a lovely day/evening with her which was so much fun…though our little man was being shy and wouldn’t give any kicks or movement for her to feel…so hopefully when she comes back in August for the baby shower he won’t be so shy!

Overall I have nothing to complain about..I’ve gotten used to sleeping crappy, cramps, spotting, knee and hip pain and headaches (though I did have a migraine last thurs and was not able to take anything for it which SUCKED), other than that and frequent heart burn I think I’m doing pretty good…. Just so excited to have made it this far and both Jeff and I are falling more in love with our little boy every day!

Gender: Sweet Little Boy ♥

Belly Pic WEEK 24!! Getting big :o)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

week 22 and 6 days (yep really late this week oops)

How far along: 22 weeks (and 6 days.. late but I made it)

Size of baby: Baby's now the size of a papaya! 10.5 to 11.8 inches and 12.7 to 20.8 oz. Baby is settling into sleep cycles, snoozing about 12 to 14 hours a day. Ok I love the but I’m jumping ship to babycenter starting next week because the bump keeps the same fruit for the next three weeks and that just won’t do for my little guy!

Weight Gain/Loss: I have to admit that I had been obsessing about it for the last couple weeks, but realized last weekend (on a shopping trip with my hubby) that I have worked hard for this bump and I am going to show it off and to hell with the scale! I love my little guy in there more then I can express in words and I will not worry any longer about my weight unless my doc says I should. I think pregnancy and my bump is sexy… so I am going to work it !

Maternity clothes: I can’t imagine life without them !!

Sleep: Again, not that I am complaining.. but oh sleep, how I miss you !! It has finally gotten warmer here in MN and so the beast has been booted off the bed (TOO HOT) I am back to my body pillow only and a fan right on me all night long. Between having to pee two to three times a night, feeling like a turtle and having a tough time rolling over, my old lady knee and hip pains, and dreams that are so bizarre I worry I should check myself into the funny farm, I would say that pregnancy is giving me a good crash course in sleep deprivation ;o)

Best moment of the week: Hmm tough one..making to week 22 !! Shopping for baby furniture and all the goodies that we are going to need to bring our little bundle of love home. Jeff and I overloaded our brains last weekend when we went shopping to learn about travel systems, swings etc.. wowsa… talk about a lot to know. Also we stopped into my favorite consignment shop and I bought some more belly-beautiful-showing-off-shirts he he! It’s so much fun to find clothes (cheap) that are wild and crazy and show off the bump…and Jeff loves it too (which is NOT usually the case when it comes to shopping!!) Having an Elvis burger (peanut butter and banana on a bacon burger OMG heaven), and some yummy froggy legs too with my hubby at the Bullfrog was pretty amazing.

Movement: I love the movement!! He’s going to be a night owl I think, he really starts rocking and rolling in there at about 8pm and doesn’t stop until 11pm and some of the rolls that he does makes me giggle, as it actually tickles kinda, when he’s in the middle of my stomach and not on the right side like he usually is. It’s the most wonderful, amazing feeling. Jeff loves to reach over when I say he’s kicking and feel it too each night, which I love. One thing he could stop though doing his animal from the muppets impression and playing the drums on my bladder when I am driving.. it’s the most bizarre feeling (not sure if he’s just doing flips really low or what but some days I’m wishing I didn’t have cloth seats if you know what I mean.. it could get ugly ha ha)

Symptoms: Hip and knee pain and still the occasional spotting. Cramping has been worse this week, but I think he’s just doing some construction in there and stretching out his home.

Food cravings/aversions: Still watermelon, but I’ve also craved burgers this week and sweet corn (can you say someone has summer on the brain).

Gender: Boy ♥

Belly button in or out: Still in very in

Stretch marks: Nothing new

What I miss: Not a damn thing.. I can’t believe how much I LOVE being pregnant!! Repeat after me… Pregnancy is SEXY !!

What I am looking forward to: Picking out a nursery set this weekend, and making it to 6 months!!

Weekly wisdom: Nothing comes to mind this week... it's been another busy crazy week so I'm feeling pretty empty in the brain...

Belly Pic: OK I have couple this week because I have taken on a new outlook on showing off my bump instead of wearing big shirts!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

21 weeks and a pink or blue cake ;)

I am 21 weeks and 5 days today and Baby M is the size of a banana!!! Seems like a bit of a downgrade from a cantaloupe to me! I guess a banana is longer than a cantaloupe though.

So first of all, I want to say thank you to all the friends and family who joined us for the big “Gender Cake Reveal” party last weekend. It meant the world to Jeff and I to be able to share the event with all of you!! I also want to send out a BIG thank you to my sister-in-law for making the event really fabulous.. she really went above and beyond anything I could have dreamed up for the day! Luckily we were also blessed with a perfect day from mother nature, it was 80 and sunny with a slight breeze off the lake…gorgeous 

So Baby M was mostly cooperative at the ultrasound on Thurs after ½ bottle of diet dr. pepper to get the dancing going in there, and some flipping on the table by me, the tech told us we got the "money shot". After the appointment we drove straight from the clinic to the bakers… it was torture having that little envelope in our hands all the way there (Jeff made the comment that we could peek and nobody would even know… but we were good and didn’t give in to temptation), and then the baker was almost jumping in place when we told her why we were there, and said she couldn’t wait to open it to find out (and basically didn't we weren't even out the door when she squealed that she knew)… but some how I pried the envelope from Jeff’s fingers and the wait began!

Here are some of the pics from our ultrasound..

our 3D picture of our little angel :o) Amazing!!

Baby M was giving us a thumbs up at the ultrasound!

                                                                      I am soooo in love !

So you wanna know what color the cake was?? Yep.. in a minute. .I'm getting to that. First I have to show off all the work that my sister-in-law did.

Add caption

There were adorable little necklaces in pink or blue and people taped up pink or blue cut out animals on the board to make their choice as well..

                                                              How precious are these!!!

Check out the fruit basket(mmm fruit).. they were cut into little baby shapes So ADORABLE!

Taking the long walk up from the lake/bar for dinner..what a gorgeous day!

Now do you want to know the results? ... Hmmm almost...

NO peeking!!

Jeff keeping himeself busy grilling the burgers (and keeping his mind off the cake)

My Nieces (Hannah and Haley) and Nephew (Brody)

Jeff and his sister Julie enjoying a beverage before cake cutting

My girls Kysa and Annie ..luv ya girls!

Jeff's Aunt and Uncle (Bruce and Cindy) and Aunt Jeanne enjoying the sun.

Lee enjoying a beverage while waiting for the cake cutting....

And after torturing my poor mother long enough we finally cut the cake.. and the results were...

IT'S A BOY!!!!

Also have to share the adorable gifts we got from John and Jeanne.. I love the surprise spoon!!

two adorable little books.. one with trucks and one with dinosaurs.. so cute!
Love you Aunt Jeanne

And from my girls Annie and Kysa I received this .....How perfect is this ??

Thanks girls !!

So our little Baby M is a Boy, and we couldn't be more in love with him. Now, comes the fun/scary part... I can shop (and even more scary my mom can now shop)!! I can't wait to start planning a nursery and registering for my shower. Baby Boy Mensing still doesn't have name as of yet, though we are slowly narrowing it down and will probably reveal a name in a future blog.

Thanks again to all of our friends and family for sharing this unforgettable moment with us!! We love you all !

Here are a couple other 21 week belly pics (I really didn't get any official ones this week)