Friday, April 29, 2011

16 weeks !!

Whoa- what happened ... it appears that I missed a week some how?!? Well it has been a crazy week, we got our house ready to show and on the market so now we just cross our fingers and hope the right people walk through it.

But that doesn't change the fact that HOLY CRAP I made it to 16 weeks!!! That's just amazing to me!! So here's the update on what's been happening with me and baby mensing (Jeff is in China for two weeks so we've been solo and there has been nobody to use my words with so I apologize for a rambling long posting in advance ha ha)

How Far Along: 16 weeks!!!!!!!! I'm doing the happy Snoopy Dance now... 4 months is amazing!!
Size of Baby: size of an avocado. (Is it wrong that that makes me crave Mexican food?)

Maternity Clothes: Love maternity clothes, but I still haven't purchased any pants that fit. I have been wearing my regular pants with my belly band, but by the end of the night they are unzipped almost all the way and the belly band is fully extended. I have all these cute SUMMER clothes.. too bad spring/summer had another agenda. Sooo I give in, my mom and I are going shopping tomorrow for some pants and warmer clothes that will fit my ever expanding lovely belly. 
Weight Gain:  Still only up 2 pounds since the first appointment. A little concerned that I should be putting more weight on? It's not that I don't eat.. I EAT! 
Stretch Marks:  just the same as before pregnancy. I have noticed that my tummy and boobs itch like crazy so I have been lathering up with cocoa butter, and my new found favorite product Booda Belly Butter which smells like chocolate (Thanks Julie!!) Though after I'm done I look like a basted turkey ready to go into the oven he he. (it always comes back to food doesn't it?)
Sleep: Oh how I miss a full night's sleep. Not that I'm complaining, but the indigestion keeps me up during the night and I feel like a 90 year old cranky lady with how bad my hips and knees hurt when I lay down. Even with the aches and pains I wouldn't give it up for anything as it keeps reminding me that I have a precious miracle growing in my belly.
Best Moment of the Week: Hmmm one of the best moments of the week had to be at Easter with my family, and sharing with our nieces that we were expecting. I wore the shirt below (which says coming in October) and it took a while for the girls to figure it out, but when they did it was pretty cute.. "Whoa, I know what that means".... was the reaction from Haley (9) and then Hannah (11) figured it out too. Pretty great feeling !!
Movement:  Not yet, but can't wait to feel baby mensing doing the cha cha in there!!
Symptoms:  Mainly indigestion and heartburn, but nausea still sneaks up on me about once a day. Definitely not as tired and I have completely given up my naps now.  Oh and headaches from hell about once a day, but since I'm used to migraines these are manageable. The strangest new symptoms are all the twinges, pains, and sensations that I've been feeling.  Sometimes it feels like menstrual cramps (and they get bad) sometimes it feels like sharp stabbing sensations, and sometimes just a dull ache. I think I am feeling the round ligament pains that the books talk about... yowsa.. ready for those to stop any time. The other symptom is that I feel like there is an invisible helium tank attached to my belly  because I wake up with a noticably smaller belly bump but by the time I go to bed it has grown double in size and feels like I might explode at any time if you poked my belly button. Weird... anyone else feeling like their belly grows during the day and shrinks over night?
Food Cravings/Aversions:  Since Jeff is in China, I can't share his cravings this week (though I'm sure they would still include ice cream he he). As for me, the only craving I have had lately I was lucky to have fulfilled last weekend!! My parents made fried chicken the way they used to when I was little (no shake and bake  white meat only without skin healthy stuff, actual fried drumsticks chicken).. wow was that GOOD! Other then that, I crave fruit, apples and peanut butter and watermelon are the fruits of choice.
Gender: Can't wait to find out!! Only a few weeks away now. I am still feeling boy vibes though. We have decided to do a gender party. For those of you who are not familiar with what that is it's when the couple goes to the ultrasound and asks the doctor to not reveal the sex of the baby but to instead write it on a card and put that along with a picture of the ultrasound into a envelope and seal it. The couple then takes the envelope to a bakery and has them make a cake with the corresponding color of the gender on the inside of the cake but decorates it in neutrals, the couple then finds out what the sex of the baby is when they cut the cake open and sees either blue or pink. We felt that since we didn't get to give a big annoucement about getting pregnant (since friends and family were all in the know about our IVF processes) we would get to share this fun exciting news with them. Though we are going to have to find a baker that can do this overnight because it might kill us to have to wait to find out ourselves ha ha!
What I Miss:  Absolutely nothing this week, outside of Jeff being here.
What I'm Looking Forward to:  EVERYTHING!! I am one of those women already that is obssessed with showing off and touching my baby belly all the time, so I can't wait for it to get even bigger!!
Weekly Wisdom:  One of my friends told me to start Lanisoh a month early if I am planning on breast feeding. I had no clue what that was and shared that with my friend who then discretely informed me on facebook that it is a creme that you put on your boobs and nipples to help them not crack and be really sore when you start breast feeding (for some reason hearing that really freaked me out... it seemed more real to be thinking about those kind of things, since right now since I can't feel the baby in there yet,  half the time I don't believe it's really happening)
Milestones: 16 weeks !!!  When do we start going by months instead of weeks anyway?

Dreams:I dreamt we had found out that we were having a boy and had decorated the nursery and had showers etc and then I was in delivery (which was all fuzzy because I have no clue what delivery is really like I suppose) but the doctor handed us a little pink bundle and said congrats you have a beautiful baby girl !! Hmmmm
OK and here is a baby belly pic too.. so I wasn't smart enough to get my mom to take a picture of me since I'm staying at my parents house for a bit while Jeff is gone (easier to show the house) so it's just an auto timed camera shot that isn't that great.. but you get the idea.. Baby Mensing is definitely growing !! YAY
One of these days I'll take one when I actually didn't just roll out of bed .. but for now this will have to do.

ok so I know I'm a little late at this too, but Bridget nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award .. Thanks Bridget!! so I hope I do this right !
So, here's how it works:

1.Winners grab the image and put it in your blog.

2.Link back to the person who gave you it.

3.Tell 10 things about yourself

4.Award 15 recently discovered bloggers.

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Here are 10 things about me (these are so tough to do)
1.I can recite the movies the Princess Bride and Breakfast Club word for word

2.I think Ireland is what heaven looks like.

3.I still don't know how to tweet

4.I hate to fly alone

5.I fall asleep with the tv on every night

6.I love scary movies and anything paranormal (even though it keeps me up at night and still gives me nightmares)

7.My dream job would be to open a therapy clinic that overlooks the beach and offers mind body work and yoga on the beach.

8.My favorite dogs are Basset Hounds (they are such clowns)

9.I cannot keep plants alive no matter what I try.

10.I love to do karaoke with my hubby on the playstation 2 (but can't carry a tune to save my life)

(11. I have the hardest time doing these "10 things you didn't know about me" surveys )
Here are my nominees for the versatile blogger award: these are so hard to pick, and not all of these are recently discovered.
ok that's all I have for now.. I will add to this list later, there are just too many to pick from :o)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A belly pic and the BEAST

OK, so I thought I should put a belly pic on here, not the greatest pics.. but you get the idea.

(had to play with the color/brightness to get the tummy to show-black on black in a dark room doesn't work so well ha ha)

(And the BEAST... keep in mind this is without a body in it ;o)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

14 weeks and hanging in there...

How far along: 14 weeks 4 days!!! Can’t put in words how ecstatic I am to be experiencing this!!

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a lemon.

Total weight gain/loss: Hmmm, not sure about total weight gain since the beginning of this IVF process but I hadn’t gained any at the last doc appt. Though, according to my scale which I like sooo much better than the clinics, since week 9 I’m up about 2 lbs total. Yes I’m kind of obsessing about it, don’t want to gain too much or too little (it’s my OCD popping up again I guess)

Maternity clothes: Still in normal sized shirts, though they have to be baggy ones. I finally bought a new bra… can you say heaven!? The poor girls were shoved in there so tight I was having Dolly Parton moments where I I could actually rest my head on them like a pillow.. not good! As for pants, well, I thought I had this one figured out since my mother and I went shopping for maternity clothes, and I bought a bunch of cute stuff, unfortunately mother nature didn’t get the memo that I only bought warm weather clothes (or maybe she did the little stinker) and it’s been so cold here that all my new clothes just aren’t going to cut it. We are even expecting up to 5 inches of snow tonight ?!?! (In APRIL?!?!) Soooo I have been reduced to wearing the one pair of pants that I have left, that with the belly band on, and leaving the things almost all the way unzipped, I can get by with for a couple hours tops!! And yesterday after eating an incredible Italian meal for my birthday dinner, I had to unzip them all the way and unroll the belly band completely… it was a dead sexy look I tell ya ! ;o) Oh well, it was totally worth it… birthdays= no guilt (even after Italian food AND tiramisu and izzy's ice cream cupcakes later yummm)

Sleep: Still getting up to pee at least once a night, which is much better than before. I Have been having some hip and joint pains as I try and make myself sleep on my side which feels totally unnatural to me since I am a back sleeper. I received a pregnancy pillow for my birthday from my father-in-law and am working at getting used to it because it forces me to sleep on my side, but it’s been a challenge. When I opened the package and put it on my queen sized bed I just about peed myself laughing because the thing is HUGE (nickname- the Beast)!! Poor Jeff and the dog have no room after I put this huge contraption on the bed. But they haven’t complained…. yet! Getting in the thing is quite the chore, it’s shaped kinda like a tight horse shoe and takes quite a bit of maneuvering to get in the thing, and once I’m in it takes a shoe horn to get me back out( which is challenging when I have to pee in the middle of the night). I also have to sleep on top of the covers with a blanket because the Beast doesn’t fit under the covers if Jeff is going to sleep in the bed too .. It also takes away my freedom to use my own pillow, and is a lot more stuffed and taller than my pillow, I find my head rolling down to the side of the thing just from gravity. But, as much of a challenge as it’s been, I think it’s going to be completely fabulous once my big ol’ belly get’s here and needs the support, also I won't get stuck on my back like a turtle.

( I think they take the pictures of the Beast on a California King just to not freak people out by the size)

Best moment of the week: There are a few; Having my 36th birthday yesterday while finally pregnant. It would have been a tough birthday for me this year if we weren’t expecting, but instead it was the most amazing birthday ever!! I mean what a birthday present, I finally get to be a mommy! Oh and Jeff bought me the coolest birthday gift, belly buds. They are little speakers that stick on the belly that we can play music or play voices and our voice recorded stories to baby mensing while he/she is in the womb. I can’t wait to try these out!! We also put our house on the market and are hopeful that it will sell quickly so we can start planning our house (and decorate a nursery) that we want to build up closer to my family.

Movement: Not yet, but I have woken up in the middle of the night after dreaming about it thinking I did (mostly it's just gas bubbles though).

Symptoms: Dizzy spells quite often and headaches. That’s pretty much it outside the occasional nausea that I still feel ( I actually lost my breakfast for the first time in a long time yesterday and on my birthday too.. hmmph not funny nausea fairy! )

Food cravings/aversions. For this question I have to ask “For me or Jeff?” He seems to have more food cravings then I do right now, especially for sweets (which is NOT usually his thing), we have about 10 types of ice cream in the fridge right now. As for my cravings, I have been craving fried chicken like my dad used to make when I was little. Jeff’s craving is steak!

Gender: Don't know yet but can't wait to find out!

Belly button in or out: Still in all the way
Stretch marks: Just the same ones I've had forever
What I miss: Having clothes to wear that actually fit, sleeping on my back, Diet Dr. Pepper (though I sneak little sips of this now and then)
What I am looking forward to: Easter weekend and seeing my family. Looking pregnant and not just chubby (I swear I am going to make a t-shirt that says” I’m not just chubby, I’m pregnant”)
Weekly wisdom: From a friend of mine who is a wise mother of two with one on the way.

When you go out w/baby pack a clean shirt for never know if you'll get the 3P's (Puke, pee or poop) on yourself. Dish soap works wonders on getting poop stains out of clothes.

Belly Pic: Ummm... ooops don't have one yet. But I will soon, promise.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I guess I'm probably about due for a blog contribution today, as Kim is buried in final projects to wrap up this semester and all I have to do is work every day, keep a wife and produce-of-the-week fed and happy, and try to get the house ready to list on Monday. Just kidding, I don't mind, you will just have to settle for material from the person we’ve heard is the second funniest writer in our household.

So here’s what I know…

We are officially into trimester #2 now. We had a somewhat above-average urgency visit with the doc yesterday. In the time since Kim’s accident, we’ve been even more neurotic than usual about every last twinge or symptom, she’s been experiencing quite a bit of cramping, and our OCD just wouldn’t accept 10.5 weeks as our formal announcement of a trimester in the books, so we pulled in our appointment a little sooner. It wasn’t quite the same as the hour of hell we went through in the waiting room during our last appointment, but if we waited another 2 weeks, it might have given it a run for its money.

Kim’s dream of keeping her pants on at the clinic was finally fulfilled. “Our little pal”, as the doctor put it, had a heartbeat clear enough to hear with the Doppler this time, although he did take just long enough to find it to make our own hearts pump a little harder. Ok, a lot harder. By sheer coincidence, the doc this time is the head of the whole practice, has a style and approach that suits us perfectly, and has worked closely with Dr. Corfman for a long time. He got us down off the fence on an important decision – we’re going to stick with the Maple Grove location for the duration, regardless of our home base. It’s a pretty impressive facility, as many of the 7.6 babies a day delivered there since they opened a year and a half ago can tell you. They have a group of volunteers that knits a cap for each new baby, plus every thousandth delivery gets a free balloon and 20% off a future appendectomy. Or maybe we just like the place.

Speaking of our little pal, we have a pluot this week. Now those of you who cheated and looked ahead may think we’re supposed to have a plum, but we have not done anything the normal way yet. It’s pretty much the same size as a plum, but way sweeter (awww), plus it sounds cooler.

We don’t even know the gender yet, but we’re convinced that we have a very talented architect on our hands. Kim is really looking forward to the day when he/she is ready to take a break from all the construction work that is causing the cramps and nausea and maybe take some time to decorate or something.

Kim has mentioned the cravings. They are really starting to take over, so now the only question remaining is when she will start to get them too. I’ve never had much of a sweet tooth, but these hippies in Vermont make some damn good ice cream. Clusterfluff, which is worth keeping in the freezer just so you can drop the name in conversation when you have a chance, is the king of peanut butter varieties. I thought it might be the best flavor ever until last week. Three words. Bonna Freaking Roo Buzz. Or maybe that’s four words, or it could be two, but just trust me and buy a pint. Luckily, Kim’s real craving, chicken, has meant that our standard evening meal is a grilled breast on top of a huge pile of fresh spinach, or we’d have to use other rhyming Ben & Jerry’s flavors to describe me. I guess another lucky break is that we didn’t win that HGTV dream house in Burlington, or I might have been a candidate for season 13 of Biggest Loser.

Kim’s symptoms are supposed to calm down in the 2nd trimester, so we’re hoping that the crampy and barfy evenings staying warm inside are replaced soon by casual spring strolls in the soon-to-be old neighborhood to get some fresh air and show off the belly. That’s the baby belly, but the dog and I are looking forward to the walks too.

More to come,
Not the “chubby hubby”