Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We've been given the green light :o)

One step down .. many more to go...

Finished the norethindrone on Friday, definitely won't miss the side effects from those that's for sure. Aunt Flo showed up with a vengeance on Monday and today I had another ultrasound to get a baseline and make sure my uterine lining was thinning and that there were no cysts on my ovaries. Everything looked good and we were given the green light to start stims shots tomorrow a.m.
Schedule is Wed-Friday 150 iu injections of Follistim at 7am and 7pm every day.
Sat or Sunday we will swap the second injection for Menopur instead of Follistim.

Sunday I will have another ultrasound and Estradiol blood check. They are checking for my FSH (Follicular Stimulating Hormones) and my Estrogen levels (E2). The FSH levels are an indicator of the ovarian reserve levels, women my age are supposed to have FSH levels 10 and under, mine came in at 12.1 which means I have less eggs left than I should at my age.The E2 levels are an indicator of the number and size of the follicles that are present, the average is 200 per mature follicle, but it's not an exact science. When the E2 levels reach 400 or greater than we will begin the antagon injection as well, which will hopefully help my follicles grow nice and big :o)

Had my first dream about starting the shots....I dreamt that Jeff was mixing the meds (you use a large needle) and forgot to switch out the needle when he went to give me the injection.. yowsa!
Really nervous for tomorrow to come....I know he'll do great, but it's still down right scary!

I will post more tomorrow....

Monday, August 23, 2010

the party pictures

So I figured I should include a couple family party pictures for those who haven't been part of the past years party picture sharing and for those that have.. have a good laugh!
Games included a relay race where contestants had to put on a kilt, a sash, some kind of fanny pack, and run down to the other side of the yard while carrying a mug of water (supposed to be beer) set it down, then use a plastic golf club to hit the ball into a hoop. Second game was log tossing. Third game was haystack pitching, contestants had a pitchfork that they had to use to toss the bag filled with hay backwards over their heads over a rope attached to trees waaaay up in the air.
Ok.. so I admit I might not be too sad I missed this years games ha ha !

I decided on day 1 to wait and post after a week on the new meds since there wasn't much to write about after one day. I have started my Noerethindrone, taken once a day at 7 am, side effects include headache, nausea, bloating, and LOTS of water weight retention.. everywhere, I feel like a macys Thanksgiving day parade balloon, and have resorted to wearing hippie dresses that have no elastic around my stomach for comfort (ugh). We will continue this medication through august 27th. I then get a couple day break, followed by an internal ultrasound on August 31st, not sure what they are looking for at that one. Sept 1 is "D-DAY" the injections begin twice a day, but no need to get ahead of myself here and cause myself to have a panic attack, those will come soon enough!! As you can see fromt he pictures, I decided that having a counter and refrigerator full of meds was just depressing so Jeff and I went to Michaels and picked up some containers that we decorated to make this process a little more fun and manageable :o)

Outside of the protocol here's what's been going on:

Last weekend my crazy family had their annual theme party up at my parents house, the theme was Scottish this year! Food was incredible, but I had to sit out of the games this year due to my nausea and headache. It was a great time with family though, lots of laughs. Last weekend was also kind of a biggie for us, as we told my extended family that we are going through IVF, not knowing for sure what type of reaction we would get. I felt good about sharing it, but it also makes me uncomfortable because the more people that know, the more people that it could possibly be really uncomfortable to be around come Christmas time if we don't get this right. Again, I know it's all in my head, as most of the family was very supportive and excited for us. But there feels like that added pressure of knowing that others are going to ask and going to look at us differently if it doesn't go right. *sigh* Oh well, cats out of the bag already so can't shove her back in there... now I'll just look at it as having a whole bunch of cheerleaders.

On another note, I finished registering for classes at St. Mary's, and will have three classes this semester. Very excited to get started with it. I decided the doctorate program would be too much to handle at this point so I am going back to specialize in marriage and family therapy so I can open private practice when I'm done. Mixed reactions from family about that news, I think they all just think I'm nuts....finished the masters and I'm still going back for more schooling? ha ha

On the job front I have an offer for a position in Apple Valley, and I have a second interview for a position in Minneapolis. I am trying not to dwell on the fact that I may be putting too much on my plate, as I will be going to school three days a week, working up to 32 hours and also fitting in all this IVF stuff and appointments. I just keep telling myself it will all be worth it! I wouldn't be able to do it if I didn't have an incredibly supportive hubby, and I love him to death for sticking by me through all this schooling. In fact we are planning a really romantic date, he's asked me to sneak out of one of my classes one night and meet him in the parking lot... so he can give me my injections... now that's romance. :o)

That's all for now...the adventure continues...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the package arrived

So I received the package from Walgreens pharmacy today, it was quite a large box. After laying it all out on the counter and checking and double checking that everything was here, I went outside and had to sit down and take a minute to breathe so that I didn't have a panic attack! I thought I'd share a pic of all the meds/supplies. Most of what you see are premeasured needles, there are two bags of needles, long and short, and then a couple of meds in pill form (I like those little brown bottles sooo much more than the rest of those boxes!)
I will post more about it tomorrow ....as tomorrow is DAY 1!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This week update

so Sunday I started the antibiotic Doxycycline, two a day 12 hours apart is the directions for use. I missed the part that said take with food. Turns out I have a pretty ugly reaction to this antibiotic and it makes me really nauseous all day Sunday (and every day since). I figure this is just hopefully a trial run for what morning sickness might actually be like?!? WOW.. really really sucks!

Monday- appointment for the sonohistogram is today (butt crack of dawn too), Jeff is going with me, and I think he'll be surprised that he'll be in the room for the exam ! Why is it that any type of exam like this requires you to both pee in a cup for a pregnancy test, but to also have a full bladder when they do the exam?!? Just give me "three drops" is the instructions that I was given... ai-yah. When you have a full bladder this is a tough thing to do. I managed to get that part done and had to slam a bottle of water afterwards.. ooops. OK, so having the catheter inserted was not too bad, this was a trial run for the egg transfer day. The next part, the probe, wasn't a lot of fun with a full bladder!!

The results showed that I have one ovary that is almost "normal", Dr. Corfman wants them to be 2.5 or greater in size, I have a right ovary that is 2.47 and a left one that is 1.8. He's concerned that the left one isn't going to produce enough/ if any, eggs for the retrieval. *Sigh* not good news... but still going forward with it.

I have to say I love Dr. Corfman, but I get the distinct feeling that he thinks we should be using donor eggs instead of mine. He made the comment that the end goal is to get pregnant and if I were his daughter he would say use donor eggs. *sigh* Yeah, I know so far I haven't responded well, according to past IUI's, to stimulation medications, but is it so wrong to want to try to have a baby with my genetics? I did good holding back the tears in the room, and I know that the way that he's a no-bull-shit-allowed kind of doc is one of the reasons that we use him, but sometimes I would love for him to sugar-coat it a little. He said there's still a chance that after we start the stims (two to three shots a day gulp) that we could get to day 8 and realize there aren't enough follicles to go forward, then the cycle is cancelled. This is my biggest fear right now. I am trying to stay positive and not even think about that as a possiblity, but the little bugger of a thought creeps in every now and then. grrrrr

So this week is a biggie for me, I have a job interview on Thurs, an interview for St. Mary's University on Friday, and I walk for graduation on Sat. Also, I'm so excited that my in-laws are coming in on Thurs, can't wait to see them and to catch up on what's been going on, OH and we are going to a FABULOUS restaurant that night mmmmmm ribs. First Course here I come... get the ribs ready...

On another note I found and started this wonderful yoga dvd called Yoga for fertility, it's really a great practice and soooo relaxing, which is what I need right now with everything going on. I know my professor Dr. J would be proud that I've given up my hot yoga for now :o)

Today I am going to call to order the medications that will start next week. So far we have an est. of $3,000 for meds. wow!

Ok, that's all I have for today.. will update again soon. I'm going to suggest Jeff blog about his experiences so far too.. we'll see if I can talk him into it :o)